In the shipping industry, there has been a growing awareness to comply with the environmental laws surrounding the translocation of Alien Invasive Organisms and carbon footprints. Aqua-Tech Diving Services has dedicated a division to the research and development of potential equipment to remove the AIO’s in such a way it complies with all IMO environmental management systems.

To date, Aqua-Tech Diving Services has designed, developed and built a diver and remoted operated Hull Cleaning machine with a reclaim system which is compliant with the IMO guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships’ Biofouling.

The Twister Hull Cleaning Reclaiming System

This system has been tried and tested to remove the biofouling from the vessel, capture the biofouling within the cart and transport it to the surface where it goes through a solid and liquid separation process. The solids are bagged and the liquid is pumped through a series of nonchemical filtration processes and finally through UV irradiation process and the liquid is then discharged back into the ocean free of Alien Invasive Organisms.