Underwater Surveys

Aqua-Tech Diving Services assists with photographic surveys and CCTV surveys. We have an experienced diving, administrative and management team to handle all aspects of the underwater inspections processes. This results in producing detailed reports for a wide variety of purposes. These include:

  • Damage assessment
  • Preparation for sales or purchasing
  • Assessment of anti-fouling paint systems
  • General Inspections of hulls, plate work, welding, water intakes, propeller and rudder.
  • Assessment of general hull condition and/or damage for classification society approval.
  • Class surveys can vary in detail and length, dependent upon the requirements of the clients.
  • Pintle and tailshaft readings

Aqua-Tech Diving Services maintains a high standard of reporting, whether for general or specific conditions.

Inspection capabilities: Visual with photographic documentation, closed circuit TV and video and crack detection and definition.

Ship Repair

This would include the following scopes of work:

  • Kettle patches
  • Crack arrests
  • Installation of cofferdams (small to medium)
  • Blanking of seawater inlets or overboard discharges for in board repairs
  • Sealing stern tube glands
  • Replacement of wasted anodes (welded on or bolted on)
  • Damage repair by means of: underwater welding, cutting and burning.
  • Nondestructive testing for plate thickness
  • Cropping of damaged propeller blades
  • In water stern seal repairs using man access habitat. Work done in conjunction with partners

Propeller Polishing

Thousands of dollars are lost annually due to the inefficiency of the propeller. A Propeller clean is completed, firstly by removing all the growth and fouling off the blades. The disc pads are then changed out for polishing pads to complete an “A” Grade Propeller Polish finish as measured by the Rubert Gauge Roughness Comparator Scale. Correct maintenance can reduce fuel consumption and decrease stress on all blades. Propeller inefficiency can be caused by many things, namely:

  • Marine growth
  • Mechanical damage

What effect does this have on the vessel?

  • Increased drag resulting in increased torque
  • Decreased thrust
  • Increased load in the propulsion plant at a given speed
  • Increased fuel consumption

Hull Cleaning

Hull Cleaning includes the cleaning of the following areas of the Vessel:

  • Flat Bottom
  • Vertical Sides
  • Sea Chest Grids
  • Rudder

Our cost-effective solutions and modern machinery are ready to cater for your every need.